Japanese Green Tea Cookies & 9 other Matcha Snacks to Die For!

Most people from outside of Asia don’t think of green tea as a flavor they want in a snack. But those of you who have basked in the delight of creamy, sweet, slightly bitter green tea desserts have probably already been converted to the green side of the snack universe. There are many kinds of green tea snacks: from chocolate to cookies to ice cream and traditional Japanese wagashi sweets.

The legendary green tea Kit-Kat

photo 1

Standing proud on top of the stack of green tea flavored snacks is the mighty Green Tea Kit-Kat. The original Kit-Kat is an undeniably American candy, but it became popular in the Japanese market, perhaps in part due to its name which sounds like “Kitto Katsu” or “you’ll definitely win!” in Japanese. The Green Tea Kit-Kat redefines the very essence of Kit-Kat by replacing the chocolate envelope around the crunchy biscuit with a layer of green tea coating. Now the Japanese Green Tea Kit-Kats are a highly desirable item being specially imported to be sold on the American market. They are surprisingly sweet and creamy, and one can see why they have “won” the hearts of Japanese and foreigners alike. There are also Uji Matcha Kit Kat’s, which have a slightly stronger and bitterer taste than the original Green Tea Kit-Kat’s.

Everyone’s Favorite green tea Pocky

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.48.25 PM

Next up on our proverbial snack pile is the widely popular Green Tea Pocky. Pocky is another snack whose fame has spread around the world. It is the perfect mix of crispy biscuit and creamy frosting.

green tea midi pocky

Like Oreos, there are many ways of eating them. Frosting side first, stick side first, one at a time, or my personal favorite, rapidly chomping several sticks at a time like a frenzied rabbit. There is also a midi-version, Pocky’s shorter and stockier but totally lovable brother, which has two layers of green tea flavor.

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Japanese Green Tea Cookies & 9 other Matcha Snacks to Die For!

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